Py The Way

A recommendation system for suggesting where a user should live within the USA based on input data and datasets.

It was originally made for a hackathon in IBM Cork Coderdojo and came first place.

An image of my Py The Way

RSS Feed Reader Plus

This is an Open Source Advanced Multi-Platform Desktop RSS Feed Reader I started with support for: Rules and Cloud Sync. It's purpose is to give the user as many options as possible built into a modern desktop feed reader.

The technologies I'm using for this project include: Node.js, Javascript, Electron and Chromium.

An image of my Feed Reader


METAR-PRO is a Web App designed to predict what runway a plane will land on using current data. The landing direction is then illustrated using the Google Maps Api.

Tech used: Node.js, Express.js, US Metar API and Python.

An image of METAR-PRO


This is a real-time coding Web App that I'm woriking on with a group of friends from Codedojo.

It's currently in early development but is progressing quickly

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Shinobu Bot

This is an Anime live updates discord bot and more.

It has a fleshed out profiling feature allowing users to list their favourite anime / manga using a simple command as well as many other features

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West Muskerry A.C. Website

This is a Website I made for a local sports club a few years ago. It has many features including: A Gallery, Fixtrues, A Blog and more

The tech used in this website includes: PHP and MySQL

This is a screenshot of